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Scientific Lectures

Doctoral candidates necessarily focus on the subject of their research project to become an expert in the area. After successful completion of the doctorate, the candidates will receive a Dr. rer. nat. in chemistry or biochemisty, which can be seen as a mandate for a broad scientific background in the whole area of chemistry.  Therefore the doctoral candidates will attend three lectures on Master level. These might be the P-Module lectures in Chemistry, but also lectures of the adjacent departments might be of interest, i.e. in physics,  biology or crystallography, or summer schools. We strongly recommend the lectures of our partner chemistry department at the University Bonn.

For the P-Module lectures of the Chemistry Department please check Klips 2 as well as for the  Master level lectures of the neighboring disciplines.

For the course of the Chemistry Department of the University Bonn have a look here.

In addition, all doctoral candiates are expected to attend the GDCh colloquium as well as the institute and group seminars regularly.