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Scientific Integrity Workshops

The CGSC considers scientific integrity as the backbone of top-quality research.  Since research is self-regulated there is a high responsibility of every researcher to carefully conduct his or her research program.  Since research often involves a great deal of cooperation, scientific integrity promotes values like trust, accountability, and fairness.  All doctoral candidates have to attend a workshop on Scientific Integrity.

The next workshops on scientific integrity will be on September 19th, 2023, 9:00-16:00. Registration by email.

The workshop is fully booked. You may register for the waiting list!
20 Participants at each workshop,

Lectures: Prof. Giernoth,  Dr. Henneken

The workshop will cover the following aspects:

Research aspects such as:

- data evaluation

- data storage

- research progress

- confidentiality

Publication aspects such as:

- formal rules and habits

- authors and responsibility

- content of publications

- data handling in papers

Authority aspects such as:

- communication

- mentoring

- group dynamics

- conflict with supervisors