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All doctoral candidates at the Department of Chemistry are invited to be members of the CGSC. Please contact the CGSC coordinator at the beginning of your doctorate for registration:

Dr. Heike Henneken,

If you are working on your PhD project in Biochemistry you may be a member of the CGSC as well as the Graduate School of Biological Sciences (GSfBS). Since most of the rules are similar this will not double the amount of work, but will entitle you to take part in the courses offered by both graduate schools. The coordinators of both graduate schools will annually control that the reports have been handed in and inform each other about the fulfillment of the regulations.

Dr. Henneken will sign on behalf of CGSC on the form “Application for admission as a Doctoral student (Antrag auf Zulassung als Doktorandin/Doktorand)”.  She will add you to the email list of all doctorate candidates to ensure that you will receive all relevant information.

You are requested to sign a supervision agreement.

All doctoral candidates have to read the guidelines for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice and Dealing with Academic Misconduct.

The compliances with the rules and guidelines must be followed up by the route card.