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About CGSC

Welcome to the Cologne Graduate School Chemistry!

The Graduate School is open to all doctoral candidates, who belong to the Department of Chemistry. The CGSC provides the framework for doctoral candidates to work on a structured and research-based thesis project. It strengthens the scientific background of the candidates beyond their own subject and encourages them to take advantage of a broad range of courses in soft skills. Supervision by an individual Thesis Committee enables the PhD candidates to complete their doctoral projects within the shortest possible time (max. four years) and with maximum success. The CGSC fosters the scientific exchange within the Department of Chemistry and beyond. It allows the co-membership in other (third-party funded) graduate programs in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Energy Sciences.

The Department of Chemistry supports the idea of a structured PhD program by initiating the Cologne Graduate School Chemistry. It was formally founded in February 2017 by decision of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It is part of the Executive Committee of the Graduate schools within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and cooperates with the Albertus Magnus Centre.