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If you would like to pursue a doctorate in the Department of Chemistry please contact the workgroup leaders directly.

After beeing accepted you will meet again with your supervisor and get to know the work group. Please come around at the office of the coordinator of the CGSC for the registration.

The group leader will usually be your principal supervisor (Doktorvater, - mutter). If he or she is not a professor or a Privatdozent, you need to find a person who is legally entitled to supervise a doctoral research project in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF), who is willing to be the principal supervisor instead.
Subsequently, you will need to hand in your notification of the intent to pursue a PhD (Mitteilung der Promotionsabsicht) at the Dean's Office of the Faculty, which is only available in German. For this, you will need both the signature of your professor and of the CGSC coordinator. For details of the whole PhD procedure and for downloading the latest version of the form visit the Dean’s office.

The CGSC encourages all doctoral candidates to enroll as doctoral student with the University. For German students the enrollment with the University is done via KLIPS 2.

Foreign students need to visit the International Office. Please find here a checklist for the enrollment process.

The enrollment and registration process for national and international candidates is summarized here:

The typical doctorate would look like this:

Decision on second supervisor Defence or
Independent talks with superivisor and doctoral candidate
ReportsFirst year report and counselling interviewAnnual reportAnnual report
Scientific backgroundLectures on Master Level 1Lectures on Master Level 2Lectures on Master Level 3
Soft Skill /Scientific IntegrityScientific IntegritySoft Skill 1/2Soft Skill 2/3